Terms of Use
Welcome to www.boatcruises.lv website. Before purchasing a ticket, please familiarize yourself with the terms of use.

General Terms
The Limited Liability Company "AV Ships Kompani," registration No. LV 40103524694, legal address: Eksporta iela 4-25, Riga, LV-1010, responsible for services related to the canal boats "Santana," "Samanta," and "Galaxy," and the Limited Liability Company "MADLAT," registration No. LV 40203110042, legal address: Kalvenes iela 50, Riga, LV-1058, responsible for services related to the leisure boat "New Way," have established a collaborative project with the aim of developing water transport in Latvia. To achieve this goal, the website BOATCRUISES.LV was created.

BOATCRUISES.LV provides a convenient and secure online option to purchase tickets for cruises on "Santana," "Samanta," "Galaxy," and "New Way" ships.

These Terms of Use apply to all individuals who visit www.boatcruises.lv and make ticket purchases, acknowledging that these Terms of Use are binding.

The terms are applicable between BOATCRUISES.LV and the Customer.
BOATCRUISES.LV reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use. Please check them before purchasing tickets on the www.boatcruises.lv website.

For any questions or inquiries about the Terms of Use, please write to info@boatcruises.lv with a copy to boatcruises.lv@gmail.com or call +37129616172 on weekdays from 9:00 to 19:00.

For Customers who are considered consumers according to the laws of the Republic of Latvia, when they purchase services (ticket acquisition) offered on the www.boatcruises.lv website, a Distance Contract is formed, governed by the Consumer Rights Protection Law and the Cabinet of Ministers regulations "On Distance Contracts."

The Distance Contract for ticket acquisition and the Customer who makes a purchase on the www.boatcruises.lv website is considered concluded at the time of payment, without the need for a separate distance contract document.

If a Customer who placed an order and purchased a service on the www.boatcruises.lv website lacks legal capacity, the legal representative of this person (e.g., parents, guardians) is responsible for the service purchase and payment. In such cases, the purchase is not revocable, and the payment made for the purchase is non-refundable. The Distance Contract for the purchase of the service (ticket acquisition) is considered concluded at the time of payment.

SIA AV SHIPS KOMPANI and SIA MADLAT Service - Ticket Purchase
Information about the services offered by SIA AV SHIPS KOMPANI and SIA MADLAT available for purchase is displayed on the www.boatcruises.lv website.

Purchased tickets can be used for personal use or given as a gift to the recipient.

The payment for the selected tickets is made on the Boatcruises.lv website when the Customer completes the transaction. Each Customer requires one ticket for a specific trip.

Children aged 0-6 travel free of charge.

The validity period of the tickets is throughout the navigation season from May to the end of September. If the Customer has been unable to use the purchased tickets, they can write to SIA AV SHIPS KOMPANI and SIA MADLAT at boatcruises.lv@gmail.com. Each case will be considered individually.

SIA AV SHIPS KOMPANI and SIA MADLAT have the right to cancel any purchase if there are suspicions of fraudulent transactions, the use of other people's internet banking, payment card, and/or payment card data, which make the purchase illegal. The person responsible for such criminal activity may be held accountable according to the Criminal Law of the Republic of Latvia.

The ticket (in PDF format) (in HTML format) is sent to the Customer's specified email address. The ticket is printed on an A4-sized page in PDF format (Portable Document Format) and HTML (HyperText Markup Language).

A free computer program, Adobe Reader - PDF document reader, available at Adobe's website www.adobe.com, is required to open and print the document. The buyer can print the ticket immediately after making the payment.

Smart Ticket - an electronic ticket on a mobile device. The Smart Ticket is sent to the buyer along with the PDF or HTML ticket to the specified email address. The Smart Ticket can be stored on a mobile phone.
Our secure and easy-to-use credit card payment methods allow us to sell goods and services on a global scale. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro credit cards.

Merchant's Liability
SIA AV SHIPS KOMPANI and SIA MADLAT provide leisure/entertainment cruises on inland waters in Latvia using one of the company's vessels. One purchased ticket entitles one place on the ship for one trip.
The ship's capacity based on the number of seats is as follows:
New Way - 80 seats, Galaxy - 40 seats, Samanta - 20 seats, Santana - 10 seats
One customer can purchase no more than 10 tickets in one transaction. If more seats are required, it is recommended to contact the company (boatcruises.lv@gmail.com) and arrange the rental of the entire ship.
Customers must be at least 18 years old to make a purchase independently.

Customer Responsibility
Observe the rules on board the ship.
Passengers are required to follow the rules on board the ship and obey the captain's orders within his/her authority.

In the case of renting water bicycles or rowing boats, the Customer is allowed to take leisure and entertainment trips only within the Riga city canal; entry into the Daugava River is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. During the entire trip, Customers are required to wear safety vests.

Public Transport Service:
We provide regular passenger transportation services along a designated route and schedule. Our dock serves as both the starting and ending point of the journey. Passengers may disembark at intermediate stops if such an option is available; however, once a passenger disembarks, the trip is considered completed, and we will not pick up passengers for a return journey.

On the ship, it is prohibited to:
  • Allow children under 12 years old to be on the ship without life jackets and adult supervision.
  • Consume alcoholic beverages or be on the ship while intoxicated.
  • Smoke, including the use of e-cigarettes.
  • Throw any kind of waste overboard.
  • Leave the ship without the captain's permission, go to the rear or front deck of the ship, open the skylights or saloon windows (if necessary, permission can be requested from the captain), or move around the saloon unnecessarily.
  • In unfavorable weather conditions (heavy rain, strong winds, rapid changes in water levels), the ship's captain has the right to change the ship's route.
  • In case of an emergency, follow the captain's orders, which are obligatory for all persons on board.
  • SIA AV SHIPS KOMPANI and SIA MADLAT are not liable for material losses or damage to health resulting from the failure to comply with the rules.
Customer Data Processing
Issues related to the processing of Customer personal data are outlined in SIA AV SHIPS KOMPANI and SIA MADLAT Privacy Policy. We ensure the security of Customer personal data and its usage in accordance with the Privacy Policy and applicable data protection legislation.

Right of Withdrawal
The Customer may use the right of withdrawal provided in the Consumer Rights Protection Law to withdraw from a purchase within 14 days without specifying a reason. To use the right of withdrawal, the Customer must send a notice of the decision to withdraw from the distance contract to boatcruises.lv@gmail.com, together with a copy of the document confirming the purchase.

Changes to the Terms of Use
SIA AV SHIPS KOMPANI and SIA MADLAT have the right to update or change these Terms of Use at any time. The terms are effective from the moment of publication on the www.boatcruises.lv website.